Super Serious photo from Super Serious Show  Photo by:  Mandee Johnson

Super Serious photo from Super Serious Show

Photo by: Mandee Johnson

Hey, if you clicked on this it’s because you want to know something about me, do some digging, snoop, investigate, consider, or all of the above. I’m taking that as license to actually write words and hope that they may actually be read.

A few personal details of various import:

  • I have a degree in philosophy from Berkeley and worked in organ transplant coordinating surgeries before I went all-in on film.

  • Yes, I have held live, beating, human hearts.

  • I love working with comedians, yet often put them in sad roles. Honestly it surprises me every time. “Oh, I made a funny person do a sad thing again. Shit.”

  • I love working with talent, period, and come from a voiceover background myself. You may in fact remember me from that one Toyota spot where I played “Guy Who Loves Vroom sound…”

  • Probably, I should have been in radio. In fact I was in radio as a host of the Black Spot Show on Pirate Cat Radio for two years.

  • I pride myself on being an engine, pushing projects forward with a smile and coax. Good food is mandatory for my crews.

  • Rhythm, and pacing are incredibly important to me. The sounds of words, the time emotion takes, space, intensity, it’s all a symphony.

  • Sometimes I put my hands together in photos.

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