Zoe, a low-rent hitwoman, discovered a love for stand-up comedy. Now, she must confront her partner and convince him she can pull it off.  In the end, she must perform like her life depends on it.

Patton Oswalt - "“It’s a thin line between laughter and death and Zoe has a hilarious time messing it all up!”
Rory Scovel - "Zoe is such a funny short that is perfectly unique in a very original way, making the dark very light."
Beth Stelling - "Strips down what a lot of comics are actually yelling into microphones: I’m in pain. Anna Seregina kills."


Anna Seregina

John Ennis

Anette Puskas

With Comedy from: Beth Stelling

Currently a short, in development as a feature.


Super Serious Show_solid.jpg

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017 - World Premiere